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American Jesuit priest, anti-war activist. Christian pacifist, playwright, poet and author.


SP and AQS - Signed Photo and Autograph Quotation Signed. Photo is a 8"x5" color print signed on the lower white mount.  Accompanied by a bookplate on which Berrigan has penned I don't have to prove my life, I just have to live it...Daniel Berrigan.


Like many others during the 60s and 70s, Berrigan's protest against the Vietnam conflict earned him both scorn and admiration, but it was his participation in the Catonsville Nine that made him famous. It also landed him on the FBI's most wanted list (the first ever priest on the list), on the cover of Time Magazine, and in prison.  His own particular form of militancy and radical spirituality in the service of social and political justice was significant enough at that time to "shape the tactics of resistance to the Vietnam War" in the Unitd States.


The remainder of his life, Berrigan was one of the US's leading anti-war activists. In 1980, he founded the Plowshares movement, an anti-nuclear protest group, that put him back into the national spotlight.  He, along with his activist brother Philip Berrigan, was nominated in 1998 for the Nobel Peace Price by 1976 laureate Mairead Maguire.


On a personal note: for over 40 years it was my privilege to know another clergyman who vociferously opposed nuclear armament and military build-up:  the late Archbishop Raymond G. Hunthausen, archbishop of Seattle. "Dutch" was a personal mentor and pastor I greatly admired. For his courage, he was silenced by the Vatican and forced into retirement. (Hunthausen photo not for sale).



BERRIGAN S.J., Daniel (1921-2016)

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