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Italian cardinal; papal diplomat; prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura.  Created a cardinal in 1925. Apostolic Delegate to Mexico; auditor of the US Apostolic Delegation. Apostolic Delegate to New Zealand and Australia. Nuncio to France.


TLS - Typewritten Letter Signed, 1.25 pages, 19 January 1924. Written as papal nuncio to France. Addressed to the distinguished Mexican Madame Luz Bringas Robles who had inherited a large fortune, much of which was donated to the papacy for various urgent charitable causes. Interesting acknowledgement of a large gift.  Reads:  I hasten to acknowledge receipt of your letter of the 18th of January by which you were kind enough to inform me that you have given your bankers of the Equitable Trust the order to deposit the sum of two million francs with the Cardinal Secretary of State for the agreed upon purposes. While thanking you warmly for this gracious message, I hasten at the same time to assure you that His Holiness, (Pius XI) following earlier reports, has officially given His sovereign approval so that everything is monitored according to your wishes. His Holiness, through this office, will now proceed in the same manner as your earlier most generous donation…Boldly signed with his title of office. In 1924, Mme. Robles’ gift was 1,140,000 in US dollars. In today’s dollars it would be an astounding $2,372,000. Nice example.

CERRETTI, Cardinal Bonaventura (1872-1933)

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