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Italian cardinal. Served twice as Papal Secretary of State.  Negotiated the 1801 Concordat with France.


This is an uncommon Autograph Letter Signed, one lengthy page, dated April 1803 from Rome. It is written to a noble who was a relative of General Henry Jacques Guillaume Clarke (1765-1818)**  Clarke was French Minister of War (1807-14) and a Peer of France. One year after this letter was written, Clarke was made a member of Napoleon’s cabinet. Letter is in excellent condition.




**Both the translator and I were uncertain as to the gender of the recipient of the Consalvi letter.  It likely was a male member of the Napoleon cabinet or noble person. The Bibliotheque national de Paris might be able to ascertain the identity of the person.


15 April 1803




I have just received the letter you did the honor to write to me on the occasion of the arrival in Rome of your distinguished relation, the Chevalier Clarke. I was delighted to make his acquaintance and I offered to him my services, urging him to provide me with opportunities to prove, by deeds, how much importance I attach to everything that comes to me from such a worthy and estimable person…to whom I owe a great deal of gratitude, and to you for the services you have rendered to the cause of the Faith.  You are too kind in placing value with such confidence on the little that I have done, or that I have shown myself willing to do in your service. I beg you to accept only the sincerity of my heart. I shall be delighted if I can find some occasion to convey to you the extent of these sentiments, which I call to witness M. le Chevalier who can tell Your Excellency that our conversation lasted a long time. I beg you to be persuaded of my eagerness to convince you of my most distinguished consideration — both of you and your service — and it is with these sentiments that I have the honor to remain forever the true servant of Your Excellency.


H. Cardinal Consalvi

CONSALVI, Ercole (1757-1824)

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