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American cardinal; archbishop of New York; auxiliary bishop of New York; military ordinariate of the US Armed Forces. He has been declared a Servant of God, the first step toward canonization.


ISP+TLS - Inscribed Signed Portrait (mounted) and Typewritten Letter Signed. Photograph and letter dated February 1970.  Letter reads:  I deeply appreciate your kind letter and I assure you it was a joy for me to visit Holy Redeemer Church in Bangkok. Meeting you and the other wonderful people who are there is a perfect preparation for Christmas. Under separate cover, I am sending you a picture, as you requested....Letter and portrait gifted to Carleton H. Cassidy who, at the time, was an officer of House of Siam, Bangkok. It is likely that Cardinal Cooke was touring US servicemen in Vietnam and had a stopover in Bangkok. Included with this offering is a canister of undeveloped film which, most likely, include images of Cardinal Cooke's visit to House of Siam (a mystery to unravel!). Price reflects purchase of three items.

COOKE, TERENCE J (1921-83)

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