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Protestant-episcopal bishop, poet-author, Civil War abolitionist. Second bishop of Western New York.  Authored several books, one of which included a dramatic poem entitled "Saul: a mystery" that was condemmed by reviewers including Edgar Allen Poe. 


ANS - Autograph Note Signed; Buffalo, 3 October, no year. Reads:  Dear Sir:  Please spare me the pains of writing another word; but I am trul yours, A. Cleveland Coxe, Bp. WNY. Penned on a small calling card. Accompanied by a reprint image.


Coxe was a humble man, one who, until the last four years of his life, refused to let any of his hymns appear in official Episcopal hymnals, even though he served on the denominational Hymnal Commission.  Of Bishop Coxe, Robert Guy McCutchan wrote the following:


Bishop Coxe was a man of unusual gifts:  great personal charm, wonderful eloquence, a scholar of distinction, and a poet whose master-motive was his love of Christ, his love of souls.


Inventory #110568

COXE, Arthur Cleveland (1818-96)

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