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French cardinal; bishop of Strasbourg; Grand Almoner to Queen Marie Antoinette. Members of the Rohan family had filled the office of Bishop of Strasbourg since 1704 which made them princes of the Holy Roman empire and compeers rather of the German prince-bishops than of the French ecclesiastics. Elected to the French Academy in 1761.


LS - Letter Signed; one page with address panel; March 1787 (while vacationing in Germany). Letter was written just one year after scandalous affair of the diamond necklace. Although de Rohan was brought up on charges, he was acquitted as an innocent dupe . Nevertheless, he was banished from court and returned to Strasbourg. Rohan and the affair were brought to the screen and stage in 1938 and 2001 (the latter portrayal of de Rohan by actor Jonathan Pryce). Untranslated but merits further research given its possible historical significance.


The plot involved the self-styled countess Jeanne de Valois-Saint-Rémy and a brilliant forger Rétaux de Villette who sent bogus Marie Antoinette letters to the Cardinal through Jeanne.

de ROHAN, Prince-cardinal Louis-Rene (1734 - 1803)

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