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French clergyman, writer and lecturer. The author of 'The Art of Thinking,' a popular book in the 1930s on thinking and reasoning.


ANS - Autograph Note Signed, on a postcard dated 7 April 1937.  Reads:  My dear Mr. Dornuf: It is impossible to be more thoughtful. Accept my thanks for yourself and Mrs. Dornuf. Ernest Dimnet.


Dimnet served as a canon at the Cambrai Cathedral and was a professor at the Stanislas College in Paris.  He started writing for English magazines in 1898. He moved to the US after WWI and worked as a lecturer at Harvard and the Williamstown Institute of Politics.


His most notable book was "The Art of Thinking" which was on best-seller lists in the 1930s, alongside Dale Carnegie's self-help works, but it is mostly forgotten today.



DIMNET, ERNEST (1886-1954)

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