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American Catholic Church historian, academic and author. Spent much of his career as a faculty member of Catholic University of America, but also taught at the University of San Francisco (1963-75). Long-serving executive secretary of the American Catholic Historical Association and editor of the Catholic Historical Review (1941-62).  He is, perhaps, best known for his 1952 argument that American Catholic scholars have failed to measure up to European Catholic standards of scholarship and intellectual leadership.


TQS – Typewritten Quotation Signed, one page, April 1990, on CUA stationery. Addressed to the distinguished autograph collector Professor Robert F. Allen, Jr.  Reads: May the time ahead be a period of peace, prosperity, and success for each of you: peace of mind induced by a good life, prosperity that will insure life’s necessities without focusing on thoughts of greed, and success of both the spiritual and material aspects of human living, all of which, please God, may bring at the end a tranquility that may accompany each of you into the life that is eternal.”  Accompanied by original mailing envelope.

ELLIS, John Tracy (1905-92)

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