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French cardinal; archbishop of Lyons; primate of France. Considered "papabile" during the conclave of 1939 from which came Pius XII.


TLS - Typewritten Letter(s) Signed. We have TWO letters: one dated 1943 (likely to Archbishop Valerio Valeri, papal nuncio) and 1947 (likely to Archbishop Giuseppe Roncalli, papal nuncio and future Pope Saint John XXIII).  The 1947 letter features a lengthy handwritten postscript by Gerlier about the appointment of a bishop and his premature announcement in the press which irked the cardinal. Letter also discusses the forthcoming married of his cousin, a distinguished professor. The 1943 letter concerns the recent death of Archbishop Pierre Chatelus of Nevers, his personal effects and documents concerning his estate. Requests an exception for Chatelus to be interred in Nevers. Both excellent examples of this great prelate


Gerlier served as an officer during WWI when he was wounded and captured. Following his ordination he performed priestly duties in Paris and was named director of Catholic Works. Appointed bishop in 1929. Named Archbishop of Lyon in 1937 and created a cardinal the same year. 


During WWII, Gerlier condemned Pierre Laval's deportation of Jews to Nazi death camps, the severe conditions of which he also opposed. He called upon Catholic religious institutions to take Jewish children into hiding.  For his efforts to save Jews he was posthumously awarded the title "Righteous among the Nations" by Yad Vashem in 1981.


NOTA BENE:  Each letter priced at $95.00

GERLIER, Cardinal Pierre-Marie (1880-1965)

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