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Excellent-content letter written just months before the end of WWI. Over the course of WWI, nearly 4 million were enlisted. By 1918 nearly 110,000 had died, 45,000 of which were due to influenza. The shortage of bodies to fulfill the US workforce, particularly agriculture, was a grave concern at home.


TLS - Typewritten Letter Signed, one page, April 1918. Addressed to the Frank Cahn, Federal Director of the Boys Working Reserve, U.S. Service.  Reads:  The movement to mobilize the youth of the country, in order to replace as far as possible the adults who have been called to serve their Country on the field, will tend to solve the crying need to enlarge the productive capacity of the farm, which is in danger of being seriously handicapped by lack of labor.  It has truthfully been stated that every German boy is engaged in some field of practical endeavor, and it is the duty of every American boy to enroll for this work as the direct opponent of the German boy.  I appeal to every boy to enter into this movement, independent of race, creed or condition.  It is needless for me to say that your work has my personal endorsement and cooperation.

GIBBONS, Cardinal James (1834-1921)

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