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Belgium-born prelate; papal diplomat; Pro-President of the Secretariat for Non Christians.  Apostolic Delegate to the United States; Apostolic Pro-Nuncio Cameroun; Apostolic Pro-Nuncio Gabon; Apostolic Deoegate Equatorial Guinea; Apostolic Delegate Los, Malaysia and Singapore; Apostolic Pro-Nuncio Thailand.


SP - Signed Photograph:  7"x9" color glossy portrait; signed and dated 28 August 1987 (in retirement).


Jadot was considered a rather progressive prelate with advocates and detractors among American bishops.  He was particularly opposed by Cardinals Carberry and Cody (Jadot had appealed to Paul VI to have Cody removed from office as Archbishop of Chicago). While Paul VI was in office Jadot had a staunch ally but with the ascendancy of Wojtyla on the papal throne as John Paul II, the luck ran out.  The office of Pro-Secretary for Non Christians generally went to a cardinal but Jadot did not make the cut and retired in relative ignominy (in the eyes of Vatican leaders). 

JADOT, Jean (1909-2009)

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