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Hungarian prelate whose career was spent mostly in diplomatic service.  He was working at the Pontifical Council For Unum when, in June 1975, Pope Paul VI named him Apostolic Nuncio to Costa Rica. In 1980, Pope John Paul II named him Apostolic Nuncio to El Salvador as well.  In 1984, Pope John Paul returned Kada to Rome naming him Secretary of the Congregation of the Sacraments. He was again returned to diplomatic service in 1991 when the pope named him apostolic nuncio to Germany. In 1995 he was named Apostolic Nuncio to Spain with added responsibility for Andorra. His tenure in Spain was marked by disputes with the government over religious education and church finances. He made his hostility to Catalan nationalism near as well. He resigned in 2001 shortly before his death.


TLS - Typewritten Letter Signed, one page, 1999, as Apostolic Nuncio to Spain. Responds to an Italian autograph collector seeking addresses for various hierarchy of the Knights of Malta and Holy Sepulchre. Letter image upon request.

KADA, LAJOS (1924-2001)

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