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Roman Catholic priest in the Maryknoll Order. In 1945 he founded of The Christophers, a Christian inspirational group which broadcast a weekly inspirational television show (of the same name) on ABC.


TMsS - Typewritten Manuscript Signed; one page, no date or place.  Reads:  (Excerpt from to Light A Candle). Many years ago in St. Paul, Minnesota, I tried to sum up the timelessness and universality of this apostolic concept. I had been telling an audience some of the ways that individuals in all sorts of circumstances had been putting the missionary idea to work. During the question period that followed, one elderly lady who was obviously impressed by the hopeful examples exampled: ‘What a wonderful idea this is! When did it start and where did it come from?’  I paused for a moment then explained that Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, had given mankind the divine formula nearly two thousand years ago. All the Christopher movement is trying to do is encourage people to apply it to modern times. The idea is far from new or original — it is as old as the hills of Galilee…


ABC canceled the show in the mid-1960s; Keller continued to produce it, however, and it is still syndicated to local television stations. The Christophers also award the Christopher Awards each year, primarily to media that exemplify the human spirit, and have a weekly syndicated radio show.

KELLER, MM., JAMES (1900-77)

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