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French cardinal; archbishop of Bordeaux. He also served as vicar of the Cathedral of Beauvais (1858-1872), military chaplain in the French Army during the Franco-Prussian War and pastor of the church of Saint-Antoine in Compiègne (1872-1886). Lecot became the most important mediator between the Holy See and the French Republic. He founded worker kitchens, took the part of the working class, and promoted the newly growing socio-political activities of French Catholics within the framework of the Raillement policy of Leo XIII, in order to overcome – through practical social engagement.


ALS - Autograph Letter Signed, one and one-half pages on episcopal letterhead. Written from Rome 1897 during the papal consistory. Friendly letter to Mr. Carpentier saying that he will attempt to arrange a meeting upon his return from Rome.  Nice example.

LÉCOT, Victor-Lucien Sulpice (1831-1908)

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