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Cardinal-archbishop of Reims.


ALS – Autograph Letter Signed, one page, 1899, with accompanying envelope.  Brief letter to the US Consul in Reims, inviting him to visit as Cardinal James Gibbons was in residence and “it would give the cardinal great pleasure to see you”.  Nice example.


Langenieux played an active role in the canonization of Jean d’Arc.  He fought the anti-religious legislation that was being launched against Christian education, religious institutes, and the concordat. His “Declaration des Cardinaux et expose de la situation faite a l’Eglise de France” (1892), and his “Lettre au President de la Republique” (1904), remain as witness to his character.


Langenieux cherished, above all, the title “cardinal des ouvriers’ given him by the grateful working class, whose interests — spiritual and material — he never ceased to champion.

LANGENIEUX, Cardinal Benoit (1824-1905)

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