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French cardinal; bishop of Lille (1928-68).


ALS - Autograph Letter Signed; two pages, 17 December 1934. Written to then papal nuncio to France, Luigi Maglione.  Friendly letter over the holidays in which he extols the accomplishments of Maglione and his performance as nuncio to France. Excellent example. 


Early in his career, Lienart served as a chaplain to the French Army. He was highly regarded as a champion of social reform, trade unionism and the Worker Priest Movement. Appointed Bishop of Lille in 1926. By coincidence, one of the first priests ordained by Lienart was Marcel Lefebvre. He and Lefebvre's paths were intertwined during the following years.


During the German occupation of WWII, Lienart initially supported the Vichy administration of Philippe Petain but was greatly opposed to Nazi Germany. 


Lienart was a leading liberal voice at the Council and sat on the Board of Presidency. Assisted by Cardinals Alfrink and Colombo, Lienart delivered one of the closing messages of the Council in December 1965.

LIENART, Cardinal Achille (1884-1973)

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