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Better known by his religious name Père Hyacinthe.  Celebrated French preacher and theologian. He sought to reconcile Catholicism with modern ideas.


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Loyson was a Roman Catholic priest, Sulpician and Dominican novice before becoming a Discalced Carmelite and provincial of his order.  He left the Church and, in 1896, was excommunicated.  He was known especially for his eloquent sermons at Notre Dame de Paris.  


Loyson built his reputation as the most effective orator of his day preaching in Lyon and Bordeaux and subsequently gained fame for his sermons and orations at the Eglise de la Madeleine and at Notre Dame de Paris. He was summoned to Rome in 1868 because of his unorthodoxy and passion for controversial subjects. He was again censured for his address before the Ligue International de la Paix equating the Jewish religion, the Catholic religion and the Protestant religion as being the three great religions. The Roman Catholic Church subsequently excommunicated the fiery young priest following his protest against the manner in which the First Vatican Council was convened and his manifesto against the "sacrilegious perversion of the Gospel" and the abuses of the Church. During a brief stay in New York City, he was wooed by various Protestant sects but reaffirmed that he had no intentions of moving away from his Catholic faith. He allied himself with Ignaz von Dollinger's protest against Papal infallibility which had been defined as dogma by the First Vatican Council. Invited by the "Old Catholics" to lecture in Geneva, he advocated for church reform and the establishment of a national Christian Church in each country. Elected by liberal Catholics to the priesthood of a vacant parish, he introduced reforms in worship. Settling in Paris in 1877, Loyson drew upon the tradition of Gallicanism and established his "Eglise gallicane" as a separate church founded as an Anglican Communion denomination in the Old Catholic tradition.

LOYSON, (Charles Jean Marie) Hyacinthe (1827-1912)

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