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Italian cardinal. Enjoyed a distinguished career as a papal diplomat in the US, Japan and France. Ended his career as President of the Secretariat for Non-Christians.


ALS - Autograph Letter Signed, two sides of Instituto Per Le Opere di Religione stationery, 9 August 1954. Intriguing note to the (future cardinal) Giovanni Benelli, then secretary of the nunciature in France (1953-60). Marella was, at the time, the French nuncio but likely on a trip to the Vatican from whence he sent the note to Benelli with instructions for money transfer.  Reads:  Dear Benelli:  I'm here at the IOR with my dear Mennini (Luigi Mennini, IOR general manager). Do me this favor. Pay 200,000 Francs to the IOR (take it from any fund. On my return I will deliver it to you in cash). I do so in view of a possible arrival in Italy. The IOR will credit me in dollars. Thanks for everything. I greet Tulli (Monsignor Augusto Tulli) and E. Clancy (future Cardinal Edward Clancy). Affecionately, Paolo Marella.

MARELLA, Cardinal Paolo (1895-1984)

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