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French cardinal; archishop of Tours. Distinguished apologist and scriptural exegete.


ALS - Autograph Letter Signed, one and .25 page letter as archbishop of Tours, datd 18 November 1887. Likely written to August Charles Henri Menche de Loisne (1819-1901) a member of the Literary Society of Lyon.  C'est bon lettre. Reads:  You will have to excuse me for my long delay and inexplicable silence.  I've just returned from Span and, today, leave for Rome. In the meantime I had to travel but wanted to read your book in its entirety before replying to you. Unfortunately, I was not able to do so. The instructions found on every page of your substantial book inspire me with a great desire. You have very soberly and admirably summarized all that has been said about politics in French history and you have added to our great historical consideeration. Your book seems to be very useful and capable of destroying more than one political prejudice. If, as in the past, I had the great pleasure of seing you again I would share some observations which, in my opinion, might merit some least certain passages. I am pleased to have had this opportunity to remember and acknowledge a distinguished a very kind man...

Meignan was one of the chief antagonists of Ernest Renan (1823-92) - French Orientalist and Semitic scholar, expert of Semitic languages and civilizations, historian of religion and philologist. Meignan aimed to enlighten the lay mind on current subjects of controversy and to supply readers with the Christian perspective. His career as an apologist began in 1856with the publication of Les prophecies messianiques, Le Pentateuque (Paris). He wrote many other works on kindred topics. His treatment of Messianic prophecy extends beyond mere verbal execs, and includes a critical examination of historical events and conditions.  Like other great Catholic controversialists of his day, Meignan had to suffer adverse criticisms, these were answered by Leo XIII who raised Meignan to the cardinalate in 1892.

MEIGNAN, Guillaume-René