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BOOK:  Exile in the Fatherland: Martin Niemoller: Letters From Moabit Prison. 


ANS - Autograph Note Signed in the form of a lengthy dedication, signature and date on the titlepage of his book.  Reads:  To Jim Harvey...hoping that you never will have to write to your loved ones out of a comparable situation, but that in any case you will find the same comfort and consolation, the same support and encouragement, for which I shall always remain grateful and obliged to the one, who is our common Lord.  Yours, Martin Niemoller. 8.14.1975."  Library embossed stamp on endpaper. Bound dark cloth, good condition with decent blue dust jacket.  Book is in German.  Some toning to pages, particularly at edges. Written as a series of dated letters format.Excellent content.  Uncommon.

NIEMÖLLER, Martin (1892-1984)

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