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Leader of the Roman Catholic Church from 1978 until his death. Former cardinal-archbishop of Krakow. Canonized in April 2014, along with John XXIII,  by Pope Francis I. In his youth Wojtyła was an actor and poet. Active participant in the Second Vatican Council.


DS - Document Signed: papal breve on parchment with leaden bulla and yellow/white silk cords intact. Document is in near pristine condition.  It documents the appointment of Philippe Nkiere Keana, CICM to be coadjutor bishop of Bongo in North Ghana.  Bishop Keana retired in 2018. Acquired from the bishop.


In over 50 years, this is the first papal signed episcopal appointment we have offered. Uncommon and highly desirable.

PAUL II, Pope & Saint John (1920-2005)

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