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Papal Substitute Secretary of State; cardinal-archbishop of Milan; led the Church through the post-Conciliar era. Proclaimed a saint in October 2018 by Pope Francis I.

ALS - Autograph Letter Signed; one page, 11 December 1956, Milan. Penned on his full-color engraved heraldic stationery.  Addressed to Francesca De Gasperi, wife of ALCIDE DE GASPERI (1881-1954) the deceased Italian Prime Minister and founder of the Christian Democracy and a key figure in the development of the European Union. Party. Reads:  My dear Lady:  Your gift to me of the volume containing the Letters from Prison of your mourned and unforgettable husband sincerely moves me — for the courtesy that suggests it, for the moral value it conveys — all of which make it dear and most interesting.  Painful document of history and, mores, pitiful pages of a spiritual life, it binds attention, deserves affection and arouses edification. To my soul, too, it evokes his friendly aspects and reveals something unknown of his heart, and his faith. It will be good to think of him like this again.  Also, because the hope of his eternal union with God and, therefore, his closeness with those who loved it, all are comforting.  Best wishes for Christmas to you and your daughters. With my distinct regards, Devotedly in Christ, G.B. Montini, Archbishop.
The referenced book, Letters From Prison,