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Italian Franciscan Capuchin, friar, priest, stigmatist and mystic. Born Francesco Forgione. Received the stigmata the year of his ordination to the priest (1915).


ALS - Autograph Letter Signed. Extremely rare four-page letter dated 1922, written to a young unwed mother seeking spiritual guidance. This is the second of two letters we have been privileged to offer in 55 years. Shortly after this letter was written, the Holy See forbade Padre Pio from writing to any followers as his "alleged" spirituality was under scrutiny by the Vatican. This prohibition continued until the mid-1930s. Letter accompanied by three vintage black and white photographs.  This rare lot acquired from the family in Pesaro, Italy. 


Letter summary:  My Dearest Daughter: I received your most welcome letter and hasten to reply, knowing that you really need a word of assurance. Well, my Daughter, the word of assurance is this:  Jesus is yours, He is with you and loves you very much. If Jesus appears to be hiding it isn't because He is disgusted with you; rather, He does it to sharpen more and more your love for Him. He does it to be more sought after. With this new knowledge take great care and reject those things that are not of Him or what do not lead you to Him. And now, be of good cheer. Follow the road that you have traveled for a long time and all will be well. Do not lose courage knowing that every day does not always run the same for your spirit. Nevertheless, you must follow your path with the same intention and firmness of will and you may be certain God approves...[Padre Pio struggles to write due to severe pain he feels in the back of his neck, the result of the travails against the enemies of God who accompanied him throughout his life]...I finish now because I am tired and indisposed.  I have been in bed for several days without even being able to celebrate the Eucharist...[Pio concludes by thanking the young mother and urging her to continue to pray for him]...I thank you for the prayers and what you are doing for Jesus and Our Lady. I bless you together with your child...[below his signature he adds a postscript] your loved ones in Heaven greet you dearly.