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Archbishop of Spoleto at the age of 35.  Pope from 1846-78.  He was, at the time, the longest-reigning pope in the history of the Roman Catholic Church, serving for over 31 years.  During his pontificate he convened the First Vatican Council, which decreed papal infallibility.  Unfortunately, the Council was cut short owning to the loss of the Papal States.


DS - Document Signed - handsome vellum papal breve in the name of Pius IX, dated 31 December 1872. Signed on behalf of the pope by Cardinal Fabio Asquini, Secretary of Apostolic Briefs (created a cardinal in 1845).  In a remarkable fine state of conservation, one of the nicest such breve we have ever offered.  Appears to be the granting of papal insignia and instructions for wearing same.


DES MICHELS (1836-1913) - French diplomat, ambassador and director of Western Railways and Societe Generale des Railways Economiques.

(PIUS IX, Blessed Pope) (1792-1878)

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