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Italian cardinal and important member of the Roman Curia. Among his posts: secretary and prefect of the Sac. Congr. of the Council; Prefect of the Sac. Congr. of Religious Discipline. Pro-Secretary for the Affairs of State, 2-10 February 1831. 


LS - Letter Signed. One page, March 1847 (one month before his death) referencing Archbishop Giovanni de Conti Sabbioni (1779-1852) and the Congregation for the Council.  Nice paper and wax-embossed seal on reverse panel.  Reads:  Most illustrious and reverend Lord, as a brother. Before the most eminent fathers of the Sacred Congregation of the Council render a decision concerning the additional prayers you request, they seek the opinion of Your Lordship to be heard. It should insstruct the Congregation in that which was presented and heard of the Society of Jesus, deduce what quantity of masses should be augmented, and the diocesan taxes of alms collected for weekdays as well as feast days. Your Lordship should submit the prayers. Your most studious brother, Cardinal Priesst P. Polidori.


When the French occupied Rome, Polidori was arrested and deported to Milan, eventually to be freed. He sought refuse in Loreto until 1814.

POLIDORI, Cardinal Paolo (1778-1847)

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