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Moncan (Monaco) born cardinal; lifelong friend of Pope St. Paul VI. Distinguished papal diplomat.


TLS - Typewritten Letter Signed, one page, 1966 as Apostolic Nuncio to Spain. Circular letter to the conference bishops concerning donations to the Holy See. Details funds raised and commends his colleagues on their efforts. States that he will inform the papal secretary of state, Cicognani, of same. Generalized light toning and folds but, overall, very good to fine.


Appointed apostolic delegate to the African Missions dependent of the Sac. Congratulations. for the Propagation of Faith, residing in Monbasa, East Africa (1934). Charged with assistance to the prisoners of war and wounded soldiers during the second World War, Rome (1939-46). Nuncio in China (1946). Excelled by the Communit regime (1951). Nuncio in Formosa. Nuncio in Ireland (1959). Nuncio in Spain (1962).

RIBERI, Cardinal Antonio (1897-1967)

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