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Honduran cardinal. Member of the Salesian Order. Archbishop of Tegucigalpa and President of Caritas International. He was the Vatican's spokesman with the international monetary fund and the World Bank on the issue of Third World debt.


SP - Signed Photograph: 5"x8" color matte-finish image signed on the lower mount.


Maradiaga does not, historically, respond positively to requests for his autograph, making thiis signed photo rather uncommon. 


Despite an early meteroric rise in the church, Rodriguez-Maradiaga has come under greater scrutiny in the face of the priest-abuse scandal. It is alleged that many seminarians enrolled in the Tegucigalpa seminary have stated that a homosexual cabale exists under the protection of its rector, while Maridiaga has largely ignored or challenged such claims remarking that they are the "gossips who dislike their fellow students." 

RODRIGUEZ-MARADIAGA, Cardinal Oscar (1942- )

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