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Italian cardinal. Archbishop of Milan. Professed member of the Benedictine order. Declared blessed in 1996.


ISP - Inscribed Signed Photograph: handsome presentation image by G. Farabola, Milano, mounted to a larger board, below which the cardinal has issued a dedication and signature. Image measures 6"x9". Overall size is 11"x15.5". Slight spotting in right hand margin, well away from image or autograph.  Nice example.


Schuster led the Milanese archdiocese during WWII and was known to have supported fascism initially. His views changed to opposition after the annexation of Austria and the introduction of Italian racial laws, which prompted vocal criticism of anti-Christian aspects of Beneito Mussolini's regime.  During an audience in the episcopal palace, Schuster urged Mussolini to embrace humility. It didn't work.

SCHUSTER, OSB., Alfredo Ildefonso (1880-1954)

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