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American cardinal; archbishop of Baltimore. Former auxiliary bishop of Baltimore and Bridgeport.


SP - Signed Photograph: 6"x9" color litho print formal portrait nicely signed in fountain pen ink on the lower white mount. Miniscule crease in lower left and right corner, both well away from signature or image. Otherwise very good to fine.


After the Supreme Court rule in 1962 to remove prayer from public schools, Shehan warned that "secularization threatens to become a sort of state religion established by court decree". He also was a strong advocate of civil rights, banning segregation in all of Baltimore's Catholic institutions and walking in the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedoms in 1963.


Shehan maiintained solid relations with Judaism and Eastern Orthodoxy.  He worked closely with Harry Lee Doll, Episcopal Bishop of Maryland, and President of the Maryland Council of Churches on both civil rights and ecumenical issues.  Along with the President of St. Mary's Seminary and University, Shehan and Bishop Doll founded, in 1968, Baltimore's Ecumenical Institute in the city's Roland Park neighborhood.

SHEHAN, Cardinal Lawrence (1898-1994)

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