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Italian born Francesco della Rovere. Supreme pontiff from 1471 until his death.


D - Document: unsigned in the form of a papal breve dated 1479.  Possibly issued to the Priory of Saint-Autregille de Bourges, France. Merits further research. Parchment measure 38x51.5cm in a fine chancellory script, the first line containing exceptionally large historiated initials/letters. Several prelates have signed on behalf of the pope. Manuscript in very good condition other than usual folds and very light staining at the edges. The lower left corner where the lead seal would have been attached is lacking, albeit neatly cut. Given its antiquity and the somewhat controversial papacy of Sixtus IV, this manuscript merits further research. Accompanied by a coin from the papacy of Sixtus IV.


Among the accomplishments of Sixtus are the construction of the Sistine Chapel and creation of the Vatican Library.  A patron of the arts, Sixtus brought together the artists who ushered the Early Renaissance into Rome with the first masterpieces of the city's new artistic age.


Sixtus founded the Spanish Inquisition through the bull Exigit sincerae devotionis affectus (1478) and annulled the decrees of the Council of Constance.  He was also noted for his nepotism and was personally involved in the infamous Pazzi conspiracy, a plot to remove the Medici family from power in Florence.

(SIXTUS IV) (1414-1484)

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