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Belgium-born cardinal. Longtime archbishop of Mechelen. A leading Council Father at Vatican II.


SIG - Signature on a small card, adding his title of office. Accompanied by a small prayer booklet entitled Our Lady of Fiat, presumably authored by Cardinal Suenens plus black and white reprint image.


Suenens was created a cardinal in 1962.  Served as military vicar of Belgium forces. Attended and actively participated in Vatican II; member of its board of presidency. President of the Episcopal Conference of Belgium.  Some rumors suggested that reform-minded cardinals voted for both Suenens and König in the 1963 papal consistory as a reminder to the electors that the pope did not have to be Italian. In the same consistory, from whence came Pope Paul VI, it was also rumored that Cardinal Siri of Bologna had, in fact, received the requisite two-thirds majority but was silenced and forced to abdicare papal office.


NOTA BENE: We have another card signed by Suenens priced at $75.

SUENENS, Cardinal Leo-Jozef (1904-96)

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