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French cardinal; seminary professor; French Army Intelligence officer in WWII; curator and Pro-Prefect of the Vatican Library. A leading voice of the Second Vatican Council.


TLS - Typewritten Letter Signed, two sides of heraldic-crested letterhead. Addressed to a French lady, dated 23 July 1969. Reads: Your letter of June 11 has reached my hands, but I was quite tired at the end of May and the doctor imposed a few caveats on me, which affected the accuracy of my correspondence. Thank you for the details you gave me on the last days and on the death of dear Father Rouillon, of which I had been informed by the superiors of the convent. I still very much remember our meeting on the platform at Dijon train station on the night of September 29 to 30, 1904. The month of travel that followed was so extraordinary that it was impossible to forget it. R.P. Rouillon, who was in charge of the group, was attentive to me, who was the youngest, and to his colleague Bertrand Carriere, who had just had three months of leave in France for health reasons. What a good basis for a Christian friendship! After my stay in Jerusalem we didn't have many opportunities to meet; may our mutual feelings still remain very affectionate. As soon as I learned of the death of R.P. Rouillon, I celebrated Holy Mass for the repose of his soul and I wrote his name on my cards where all my deceased friends appear on their birthdays. In remembrance of this dear Father, I will remember you before God, to whom I ask He alleviate the pain that the state of health of Miss your daughter gives you. With my thanks and my heartfelt condolences, please accept, Madam, the homage of my respectful feelings and the assurance of my devotion.

TISSERANT, Cardinal Eugene (1884-1972)

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