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Italian cardinal; papal nuncio; Prefect of the Sac. Congr. of Indulgences and Relics; Secretary of Pontifical Memorials; Cameerlengo of the Sacred College of Cardinals; Secretary of Apostolic Briefs; Archbishop of Bologna; Prefect of the Sac. Congr. of the Index; Pro-prefect of the Sac. Congr. of Bishops and Regulars; Grand Penitentiary; Secretary of the Supreme Sac. Congr. of the Universal and Roman Inquisition; Prefect of the Sac. Congr. of the Ceremonial.


DS - Document Signed; two pages, June 1890 as Secretary of Apostolic Briefs. Accompanied by a second supporting document.  This was the granting of a private oratory (chapel) for the noble family of D'Angely, France (an earlier document issued to the Countess d'Angely in 1872). 

VANNUTELLI, Cardinal Serafino (1834-1915)

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