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Italian cardinal. Grand-nephew of Alexander VII. Nephew of Cardinal Flavio Chigi, seniore. Nuncio extraordinary to welcome Queen Maria Casimira of Poland to the Papal States, December 6, 1698. Nuncio extraordinary before King Felipe V of Spain for affairs related to peace after the war of Spanish succession, January 27, 1702. Nuncio in Spain, May 28, 1706. Because of the controversy between the king and the pope in 1709, the nuncio was ordered to move to Avignon, where he remained for three years. Camerlengo of the Sacred College of Cardinals. Pro-prefect of the Congregation of Rites. Considered papabile in the conclave of 1730 but was blocked by Cardinal Bentivoglio at the request of King Felipe of Spain. Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signature of Grace.


ALS - Autograph Letter Signed, three-plus pages, dated one year before his death in 1737. Addressed to Abbott Giovanni Battista Serati. We believe he mentions the Infant of Spain Luis Antonio Jaime of Spain (1727 – 1785), a cardinal-deacon, named archbishop of Toledo and Primate of Spain. Also mentions Cardinal Imperali. Intriguing content that merits further research.  For a nominal sum we can provide a full translation and additional background.

ZONDADARI, Antonfelice (1665-1737)

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