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Fifth General of The Salvation Army (1939-46).


AQS - Autograph Quotation Signed, one monarch-size sheet, imprinted International Headquarters, London.  Dated in Carpenter's hand October 25, 1944.  Sent to Mr. George D. Norris of Ridgefield (state unknown). Reads:  In Christ the Redeemer is to be found the solution to all the problems of life. Letter from General Carpenter's Secretary, Major Howard (not accompanying quotation) in part reads:  General Carpenter received your letter...and has asked me to send you the enclosed autograph...he trusts that you will soon ahve good news of the brother whom you mentioned...


Carpenter joined the Army in 1892. For the first 18 years he worked in property, training and literary work in Australia. In 1911, he was called to International Headquarters and became the literary secretary of the Army under General Bramwell Booth, serving in that role until 1927. From 1927-33 he was called back for further service in Australia, to take over the ranks as Chief Secretary of Australia Eastern Territory. In 1933, he became South America East Territorial Commander. In 1937, Carpenter was promoted to Territorial Commander of Canada. His term in office as General was during some trying times but he proved to be a strong leader. He retired two years after this quotation was signed.  Among his published works are "Keep the Trumpets Sounding" and "Banners and Adventures".


CARPENTER, George Lyndon (1872-1948)

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