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Protonotary apostolic participantium in 1752. Relator of the Sacred Consulta. Vice-legate in Ferrara, 1753 to 1759; because of incompatibility with Cardinal legate Giovanni Francesco Banchieri, he resided in Bologna. Cleric of the Apostolic Chamber in 1756. Praeses of the clerics of the Apostolic Chamber in 1761. Prefect of the archives, 1768. Vicar of Collegio di San Lorenzo in Damaso, Rome. Primicerius and economous of the Neapolitan Royal Church of the Holy Spirit, Rome. Received the subdiaconate and diaconate April 1776.


Italian cardinal; papal ambassador to the King of Spain; prefect of the Vatican Library. An astounding 16 of his relatives were cardinals or popes.  One of the most powerful of Roman dynasties.


LS - Letter Signed, one page, Ravenna 15 July 1793. Addressed to Domenico Antonio Paccioni of Bologna. Thanks Pacchioni for poetry he has dedicated to the cardinal and compliments him on his finesse. Says he will forward the poem to the Vatican Library.


Pacchioni studied under the Jesuits and, at an early age, became a public school teacher. As a poet he participated in several academies, as a translator, private teacher and epigraphist.  He achieved the position of professor of rhetoric at Parma University around 1773 but had to resign six years later.  In 1781 he was named general prefect of schools in Reggio. He was slated to become librarian-archivist of the Cathedral of Reggio but professional conflicts ended that promotion. He steadfastly refused to get involved in the many social movements and revolution of the day.  He died in 1814 leaving an exhaustive list of publications.


COLONNA DI STIGLIANO, Cardinal Nicolo (1730-96)

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