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Italian archbishop; papal nuncio to Haiti and apostolic nuncio-emeritus to Ecuador.


SIG - Signature, title and date on a 3"x5" card (sufficient room for matting).  Image upon request.


According to Gary Krupp of the Pave the Way Foundation, Archbishop Ferrofino personally acted on the direct orders of Pius XII during WWII to obtain visas for Jews arriving from Portugal to the Dominican Republic.  He traveled with the nuncio, archbishop Maurilio Silvani, to obtain 800 visas per boatload twice a year from 1939-45 and appealed directly to General Rafael Trujillo in the name of Pius XII.  This action, said Krupp, saved over 10,000 Jews who were then routed into America with the help of Ferrofino through Cuba, Mexico and Canada.

FERROFINO, Giovanni (1912-2010)

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