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French cardinal; Archbishop of LeMans. It is said that he worked in the French resistance movement. Member of the Academie francaise. He was in close correspondence with Charles de Gaulle. It was in a letter to Grente that de Gaulle made his famous distinction between la France chretienne and la republique laique. Awarded the Commander the Legion of Honor.


TLS - Typewritten Letter Signed, two sides of his heraldic-crested stationery. Dated 1958.  Addressed to his colleague in the Academy -- Robert Kemp -- concerning the replacement of Madame Louis Madelin. Revealing the behind-the-scenes maneuvering of Academy members. Nice content and in very good condition. Letter reads:  Since you are kind enough to consider me your friend, and I am very touched by it, please allow me to spontaneously give you, in this capacity, some advice that I believe is important. You have to go see Madame Louis Madelin. It is a tradition at the Academy that the recipient makes contact with the family of his predecessor. Perhaps -- I don't know -- Madame Madelin had, before your election, preferred another successor for her husband. But this is in the past, and the wrongs of others must never justify our own. I have already heard one of our colleagues express surprise at your abstention. If it persisted, you would alienate yourself from sympathies. As well, you could find, near Madame Madelin, information, character traits, or anecdotes, which would be useful for your speech. By writing to you discreetly like this, I am giving you a new proof of affection, without wanting, naturally, to bother you.

GRENTE, Georges-Francois-Xavier (1872-1959)

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