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Scottish-Anglican prelate who served as Archbishop of Canterbury and York.


SIG - Vintage signature on a partially imprinted notecard, adding 1932. 


During the abdication crisis of Edward VIII in 1936, he took a strong moral stance, his comments in a subsequent broadcast being widely condemned as uncharitable toward the departing king.


Consecrated Archbishop of York in 1908. Entered the House of Lords as a Lord Spiritual, causing consternation in traditional circles by speaking and voting against the Lords' proposal to reject David Lloyd George's 1908 "People's Budget". At the beginning of WWI, he was heavily criticized for a speech in which he spoke sympathetically of the German Emperor. This troubled him greatly and may have contributed to the rapid ageing which affected his appearance during the war years. 


Presided over the Lambeth Conference (1930) which gave limited church approval to the use of contraception.  After denouncing the Italian invasion of Abyssinia in 1935, and strongly condemning European anti-semitism, he supported the appeasement policies of the British government. In 1937 he presided over the coronatiion of George VI and Queen Elizabeth. 


Lang himself believed that he had not lived up to his own high standards.  Others praised him for his qualities of industry, efficiency and commitment to the ministry.

LANG, Cosmo Gordon (1864-1945)

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