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Portuguese-American cardinal; archbishop of Boston from 1970 until his death in 1983.  Created a cardinal in 1973. Former Bishop of Brownsville, Texas where he experienced, first hand, the inequalities faced by immigrant farm workers. 


ISP – Inscribed Signed Photograph: oversized color studio portrait (image measures 8.5”x11”).  This is a Fabian Bachrach portrait and one of the nicest such formal images we have ever offered of Medeiros. Mounted to a larger board below which the cardinal has penned a lengthy dedication to Rev. Bernard J. O’Rourke, dated May 1979. Offered unframed.


An ecclesiastical conservative, Cardinal Medeiros was considered a champion of the immigrant worker, the poor and minorities. While in Brownsville, Medeiros would spend weekends visiting migrant workers in the field.


Initially, on his appointment to the Archdiocese of Boston, Medeiros met with considerable resistance from the Irish Catholic community which had long considered Hispanics to be “second rate” Catholics.  To be sure, he faced an uphill battle following in the footsteps of the forceful personality of his predecessor, Richard Cardinal Cushing. Eventually, the cardinal’s strength of character, humility and authenticity won people over.  Upon moving into the episcopal residence on Commonwealth Avenue, Medeiros turned all but one room over as lodging for visiting priests. He also sold the official limousine preferring a more simple mode of transportation.

MEDEIROS, Cardinal Humberto (1915-83)

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