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Italian cardinal; archbishop of Bologna.


ALS – Autograph Letter Signed, one page, 1946, addressed to Giuseppe Vignoli, Director of the Savings Bank of Bologna. Friendly note in which he reciprocates Easter greetings and expresses thanks to the administration of the bank for its work which benefits society and is urgently needed in rebuilding the country from the ruins of war.  Letter accompanied by a vintage, 1936, newspaper glossy portrait of the cardinal.


Early in his career, he collaborated with Bishop Radini-Tedeschi of Bergamo in the organization of the Catholic Action in Italy and Rome in particular. He went on to serve in the Sacred Congregation of Extraordinary Ecclesiastical Affairs. Named president of the Opera della these paver. From 1903-7 he served at the Circle of S. Eusebio, one of the most popular parishes in Rome. 


Consecrated bishop of Gubbio (1907). Named privy almoner of the pope (1916). Canon of the patriarchal Vatican basilica. General ecclesiastical assistant to the Italian Catholic Youth (1921-26). In 1921 he was transferred to Bologna. Two years later he was made a cardinal. Nasalli Rocca celebrated the funeral mass for inventor Guglielmo Marconi and the pontifical mass in the Sistine Chapel for the 16th anniversary of the coronation of Pope Pius XI. He was oft-referred to as the “cardinal of the Eucharist”.


NASALLI ROCCA, Cardinal G.B. (1872-1952)

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