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In later life he was known as a 'dissenter's bishop'. He was one of the most celebrated of 18th century English nonconformist divines.


ALS - Autograph Letter Signed, one page 13 January 1880.  Written to Reverend Jesse Gilbert, an elder of the Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia.  Reads:  Dear Sir, I have much pleasure in sending the autograph you kindly desire. I remain, yours faithfully, Newman Hall. Accompanied by a small reprint image. 


Newman Hall was active in social causes, supporting Abraham Lincoln and abolition of slavery during the American Civil War, the Chartist cause, and arranging for influential Nonconformists to meet with Prime Minister Gladstone. His opus, "Come to Jesus" first published in 1848 was widely received, making him a household name throughout Britain, the USA and elsewhere.  By the end of the century the book had been translated into 40 languages and sold 4 million copies worldwide.


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