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From a noble family. Supreme pontiff from 1775 until his death. Condemned the French Revolution and suppression of the Gallican Church that ensued. French troops commanded by Napoleon Bonaparte defeated the papal troops and occupied the Papal States in 1796, destroying or stealing vast historical archives and religious artifacts. Two years later, upon the pope's refusal to renounce his temporal power, Pius was taken prisoner and transported to France. He died 18 months later in Valence. His reign of over two decades was the fifith-longest in papal history at the time.


MS - papal breve dated 27 August 1790, addressed to Archbishop Folippo Sardi (1736-1826) of Lucca, granting the ordeer of deacon on Antonio Bonamici (an important noble Italian family). Signed on behalf of the pope by his cardinal-nephew, Romoaldo Braschi-Onesti, a great prior of the Sovereign Order of Malta. On vellum measuring 16"x8" with blind embossed paper and wax seal on reverse. Usual folds and light toning. Overall very good to fine.

(PIUS VI) (1717-1799)

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