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Member of the Benedictine Order. Bishop of Tivoli and Imola. Signatory with Napoleon Bonaparte in the Concordat of 1801 between France and the Papal States. Attended the coronation of Emperor Napoleon in 1804. Five years later Napoleon's troops again invaded the Papal States and he was excommunicated. Pius was taken prisoner and transported to France until 1814 when, after the French defeat, he returned to Rome.  Pius contributed significantly to the growth of the Catholic Church in America, creating several dioceses.

MS - Manuscript in form of a nine-line breve on vellum, dated 18 November 1806. Signed on behalf of Pius by Cardinal Romoaldo Braschi-Onesti (1753-1817). Brachi's uncle, Pius VI, made him a cardinal. Served as great prior of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Held several other important curial posts including that of Secretary of Briefs. Untranslated. Folds and light toning but, overall, very good. Inventory #100117

(Pius VII Servant of God) (1742-1823)

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