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Italian cardinal - never ordained to the priesthood. Like Teodolfo Mertel, the last lay cardinal (who was ordained late in his ecclesiastical career) Roberti never received holy orders but held several important posts in the Roman Curia. From an ancient nobel family.  Son of Count Giovanni Roberti.


LS - Letter Signed, one page with integral address panel bearing red wax seal; dated 20 November 1853. Addressed to Enrico Orfei, Bishop of Cesena, (later archbishop of Ravenna). Penned in a fine secretarial hand and signed in the lower right hand by Cardinal Roberti (some ink smudging). Usual folds and light toning; overall, very good. Writes to the bishop concerning donations from the diocese to benefit the missions (Society for the Propagation of the Faith).


Among the many posts Roberti held: auditor of the Sacred Roman Rota; counselor of the civil congregation of the apostolic chamber; lieutenant and vice-president of the criminal tribunal of the apostolic chamber; apostolic delegate in Perugia; under secretary of state for Internal Affairs; Substitute of the secretariat for internal affairs; minister of Grace and Justice; member of the governmental commission under Cardinal degli Antelminelli; pro-president of Rome and its districts. On a side note, he and Cardinal Giacomo Antonelli were the first cardinals to travel by train!

ROBERTI, Cardinal Roberto (1788-1867)

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