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Italian cardinal;  Regent of the Apostolic Chancery. Referendary of the tribunals of the Apostolic Signature of Justice and of Grace, June 14, 1787. Relator of the Sacred Consulta, 1789. Vice-legate in Romagna, December 1789 to February 3, 1793. Cleric of the Apostolic Chamber, October 30, 1800. President delle strade, 1807. Pro-governor of Rome, July 12, 1815 until his promotion to the cardinalate.


ALS – Two Autograph Letters Signed, 1820 and 1821.  Both addressed to Count Giulio Verzaglia in Rome. Usual folds and some isolated light staining but, overall, very good.  Reverse exhibits partial red wax seal. San Severino was apostolic legate in Forli at the time the letter was written. One letter is the friendly exchange of Christmas greetings and discusses family matters. The other letter focuses on the promise or engagement of a member of the Verzaglia family, suggesting that it be referred to a cardinal within the Curia.


Count Verzaglia is listed in the 1858 Annuario Pontificio as Director of Management of Chambers of Commerce and Direct Duties.

Created cardinal in pectore in the consistory of March 8, 1816; published in the consistory of July 22, 1816; received the red hat, July 25,1816; and the deaconry of S. Maria in Portico Campitelli, September 23, 1816. Granted a prorogation to the dispensation to receive sacred orders, July 5, 1817. Apostolic legate in the city and province of Forlì, August 11, 1818. Participated in the conclave of 1823 which elected Pope Leo XII. Opted for the deaconry of S. Maria ad Martyres, March 21, 1825. Granted another prorogation to the dispensation to receive sacred orders, June 17, 1825.

SANSEVERINO, Cardinal Stanislao (1764-1826)

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